21 mei 2005


Voor computerpracticum zijn we nu aangekomen bij een emacs cursus (eigenlijk meer een zoek-het-zelf-maar-uit-us) waarbij we een lijstje moeten maken met handige shortkeys, dus ach ja, hier komen ze:

  1. C-v
    PgDn function
  2. M-v
    PgUp function
  3. M-f or b
    Move one word forward or backward.
  4. C-a or e
    Move to the beginning or end of a line.
  5. M-Shift-,
    Home function (go to beginning of file)
  6. M-Shift-.
    End function (end of file)
  7. C-g
    Stop emacs from what it was doing, like stopping it from hanging and you can use it when you don't want to continue with the command you started entering.
  8. C-x C-f
    Open a file
  9. C-u # [command]
    Repeats [command] # times (this can be a control or meta command, but also a character like a, 4 or * and even a new-line character (enter-key))
  10. M-Del
    Kill (killing is like cutting; you can reinsert the word whereever you want with the pasting command C-y) the word after the cursor.
  11. C-k
    Kill from the cursor position to the end of the line.
  12. C-h k [command]
    Gives you documentation on [command].
  13. C-s [string]
    Searches the document for [string]. Repress C-s to find the next occurrence of [string].
  14. C-x u
    Undo last command
  15. C-x C-s
    Save the file
  16. C-x C-v
    Exit emacs.
  17. C-x 0
    Delete the window with the cursor in it