29 juni 2005


> Dear Ubuntu people, > > I've made a slight mod to your logo, but I saw that by doing so I > violated one of your logo laws. It now says "ubuntutaart" - taart > means pie in Dutch - and I made sort of a pie out of the > three-people-in-circle logo in front of the name. This all in honor > of the idea I had to go out and modify Ubuntu to suit my own style > and wishes and so on (yeah I know, not some revolutionary idea, but > hey, I'm new, this is my first time) and with a fully customized > linux belongs a customized logo! So this is just my personal thingy > and I won't do anything endeavoring or something with it but I just > also wanted to show it to the world. > > Bottom line: do you guys/girls 'permit' this? We would love to but we really can't. We can only keep our trademark if we make sure that it refers to a single product or a set of products. This is the way that trademark law works and not something we can control. Please find another name/logo for your project but please mention that it is based on Ubuntu. :) Regards, Mako -- Benjamin Mako Hill mako@ubuntu.com | mako@canonical.com

Tis dat het zo'n coole distro is anders hadden ze mooi in de stront mogen zakken. Nou even zo dan maar:

Lieve mensen bij Canonical, ik zweer bij deze dat ik nooit meer zo'n stoute streek uit zal halen. Ook wil ik even duidelijk maken dat het woord 'taart' niet bij het officiƫle Ubuntu logo hoort, maar door mij is toegevoegd tegen de logo regels in. Ik zal zo snel mogelijk het logo verwijderen.